What to Look for in a Quality Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is likely to be one of the most used and relied on tools by the enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer and comes in different sizes and configurations. Due to the portable nature, these tools are perfect for using on offsite locations and give a high level of power via the lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Whether you are looking for a regular, hammer, or impact drill, you will still find that these tools relying on the rechargeable batteries as a power source are able to give enough power and performance to take on even the most difficult projects.

Here are some of the points to consider when it comes to deciding on the best quality cordless drill:

Voltage: One of the key factors to searching the right cordless drill relates to the voltage level, which is often in the region of 14.4 to 18-volts. A high voltage rating is able to offer longer performance and power. Power tools relying on the lower rated batteries will be perfect for the at-home use, while the higher voltage options, such as those at 36-volt or more, are ideal for the construction site.

A great feature of the rechargeable batteries is that they can be used in multiple tools, so if you are likely to be using the same battery for several tools, such as a cordless drill and circular saw, you might wish to invest in the higher rated units to make sure the option for longer usability is available.

Fast charging: Since you want to limit the downtime with the power tools, a fast charger is likely to be highly desirable in most situations. Some of the latest drills are starting to feature very fast charging units, which have the potential to fully charge the lithium-ion batteries within a period of 15 to 25 minutes. Many of these cordless drills features an auto cut out switch which makes certain the battery isn’t overcharged which would result in long-term damage to the battery pack.

High torque: A further feature to expect for high power and efficiency relates to the torque power. A high torque rating is highly desirable to give that extra performance level and comes on the drills with the higher voltage level. If you have the cordless drill with the high torque rating you want a pressure-sensitive trigger featured since this will benefit by decreasing the speed of the drill when a screw head starts to reach full depth.