Small Wind Turbines for Residential Use

Residential wind turbines are valuable assets for homes, villages and farms. The popularity of small wind turbines has increased dramatically in the past few years, as more and more people have started to look for more affordable and environmentally friendly energy solutions for their homes. Wind energy is not only green, but it is it also free, if you do not take into consideration the initial investment and maintenance costs. In the past, when the technology was still new and the demand low, the price for a turbine was high and almost impossible to cover by a regular home owner. However, things are different now when not only the demand, but also the offer has increased significantly. Generally, the price for a small wind turbine is quite affordable, not to mention that it will reduce your electric utility costs by generating sustainable energy. Modern turbines are virtually silent, more efficient and powerful, and made from more durable materials than in the past. When calculating the costs for a turbine, you have to keep in mind that the final sum depends on the type of turbine and tower you choose, but also on the installation fees and the maintenance costs. For instance, the hydraulic tower is easier and cheaper to install, but its price is the highest. If you have decided to install this type of renewable energy system for your home, there are some things that you need to know before making a purchase.

Rated power of wind turbines

There are two types of turbines according to their rated power: micro residential turbines and small residential turbines. In the first category enter 300w, 500w and 1000w turbines, which are used for lighting and small electronics. The small wind turbines are more powerful and can provide enough energy to fully cover a farm or a home of five. Whether we talk about the 500w, 3kw or 20kw turbines, which can power an entire village, these systems reduce the costs for electricity significantly.

Types of turbines

After deciding to purchase a small wind generator, you should pay attention to every detail. There are many options on the dedicated market to choose from and deciding on the cheaper alternative can prove to be a big mistake. You should know exactly what you are buying and make sure it meets your needs. If you plan to install your wind turbine on a building or near your home, it is better to buy a vertical axis residential turbine, because it occupies less space and produces less noise. Even though the horizontal axis turbines are cheaper, they are quite noisy and big, which makes them more suitable for the rural area.

All in all, wind turbines are a great choice for those living in areas where the wind is strong enough to keep them going. If you are interested in sustainable energy, you should check out the latest residential turbines that use state of the art technology for more efficiency and lower maintenance costs.