Spray Foam Insulation – Stop Losing Your Hard-Earned Dollars Through the Cracks!

Until fairly recently home builders and home owners have had little choice concerning the insulating of their homes. While the traditional products used for insulation, such as; fiberglass and cellulose have served the basic purpose of helping to conserve energy and reduce heating and cooling costs, they are rapidly becoming obsolete.

Spray foam, is no doubt the insulation of today and the future. You no longer have to watch those hard-earn dollars seep through the cracks of your home or office. Foam not only gives you a higher R value, but more importantly addresses the equally critical issue of energy loss by air infiltration. Don’t take my word for it, please just ask anyone who has a basic knowledge of the value and performance of foam in comparison to the other commonly used insulation products.

It only took one July trip into a foamed East Texas attic to completely convince me of the value of this insulation. I’m telling you, it will make your jaw drop. Believe it or not, the temperature difference between the conditioned area of the spray foamed home and the unconditioned attic space is only on average five to seven degrees! This is something you almost have to see to believe.

The upfront cost of foam, as compared to the traditional types of insulation is more often than not, the deciding factor. Just comparing square footage prices an average home would cost almost three times as much to insulate with the foam. There are several factor however, that help to narrow this margin. First and foremost, is the fact, that with spray foam, the size of your air conditioning unit can be cut almost in half. Among other things, you also save by not having to buy and install roof vents or foil backed decking.

Seriously, if you are considering building, remodeling or if you simply want to drastically reduce your utilities bills, spray foam insulation is the key. It is one of the few things you can do that will not only pay for itself, but will in a relatively short period of time, end up saving you money. You and I both know that our utility costs are not going away and if history repeats itself, they are only going to continue to increase. Why continue to let all that money slip through the cracks, fill them with spray foam and use your savings to take the family on a vacation.