10 Things To Think About Before Installing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors can add beauty and warmth to any room in your home and can be a wise choice if you are remodeling or building an addition. Hardwood floors can last for decades so selecting the best hardwood floor for your particular needs is important. Here’s some things to think about if you are considering installing hardwood floors in your home.

1. Type of hardwood flooring. Believe it or not, there are countless types of hardwood floors. The first thing to do is to choose amongst the various types.

2. Price. Not everything that is expensive is of the best quality. Most often than not, the price of flooring depends on the cost of materials from which it is made and how it was transported from the manufacturing plant to the present store. If the flooring is imported from another country, chances are it might cost a lot, but is not necessarily sturdier.

3. Maintenance. Various types of hardwood floors require different forms of cleaning to maintain the original look. Though the usual sweeping and waxing will do, specially formulated cleaning formulas are available depending on the type of flooring and different kinds of woods may have different cleaning restrictions and needs.

4. Repair. Not all wood floors lasts forever. Proper repair and maintenance of damaged floors can preserve the original grandeur, but you must be sure that the appropriate materials will be on hand years down the road.

5. Method of payment. If one is short in cash, look for stores that accept credit card payments. Since there are still some home depots that do not accept specific types of credit cards, it would be best to check first if ones credit card is acceptable from where one has decided to purchase. If the only place where ones preferred hardwood floors is available does not accept credit cards, it would be best to first save the needed cash since it would be unlikely that they would run out of stocks until such time that funds are accumulated.

6. Not all hardwood floorings are of the same color. Choose the shade that best suits the general motif or shade of the house and its furniture for a more coordinated look

7. Consider the rooms where the hardwood floor will be installed. Naturally, if one prefers their bathroom floor to be made of wood, this would entail a special type one since it is common knowledge that wood and water don’t mix.

8. To purchase unfinished or pre-finished wood flooring. Hardwood floors can be bought in its unfinished (not subjected to any treatment) or pre-finished (has several coating of UV-cured polyurethane) state. Installation of pre-finished hardwood floors would result in lesser odors and dust, thus requiring little time for clean up.

9. Installation. Hardwood floors may be nailed down, glued or floating. If the current floors are covered with ceramic tiles or vinyl the floating form is the best. This also cuts the cleaning time since it would only be assembled on top of the old flooring Choose which best suits the type of under floor one has or the capability of the one doing the task.

10. Choosing between engineered and solid woods. Engineered ones are much easier to install since they can be glued or nailed down. Solid woods on the other hand cannot be subjected to sub-standard installations.

Whatever type of hardwood flooring one chooses, you are sure to end up with a handsome element for the room that is both functional and durable.