Cork Floors: Advantages of Cork Flooring

There are many advantages of cork flooring for the consumer. One of the first advantages cork flooring offers is its outstanding appearance. Cork floors posses a natural beauty with a depth and richness that is unique. There is a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures for the homeowner to find one that suits their taste.

For many consumers one of the greatest advantages of cork flooring is that it is environmentally friendly product. This is a growing trend in today’s market and there are many consumers not wanting to leave a negative impact on our planet. Cork is considered a renewable and sustainable resource as only 50% of the cork bark is removed. This allows the cork oak to thrive and regenerate while never being cut down.

Another one of the main advantages of cork flooring is its incredible durability. Cork floorings popularity began in the 20th century and was used in public buildings such as universities, government buildings and churches. Since 1890 the First Congregational Church in Chicago has had their cork floor which shows incredible durability.

Comfort and softness are another one of the great advantages of cork flooring due to the air trapped inside the cellular structure of cork. This makes it a popular product for people that spend a lot of time on their feet in the kitchen as it provides relief for their feet, back and legs.

For many people that enjoy the tranquility of their home one of the best advantages of cork flooring is the noise reduction ability. The air trapped inside the cellular structure of cork also reduces noise and vibration. Cork floors are quiet and reduce impact noises like someone dropping a pot on the floor or the sound of children running through the house.

Health and safety is another one of the key advantages of cork flooring to many consumers. Cork contains a naturally occurring substance called suberin that repels insects, mites and mold. This makes cork floors a great product for people with allergies as it is hypoallergenic. The suberin in cork also makes it naturally fire resistant and also protects it from rotting when wet.

Low maintenance is one of the best advantages of cork flooring to many people with hectic lifestyles. They love that only periodic vacuuming and damp mopping is required to maintain cork floors. The environmentally friendliness of cork and the advantages of cork flooring make it easy to understand why it has become such a popular product.