Is Wood Flooring Good For You?

When you choose a flooring material for your home, what factors will you likely consider? Do you want it to enhance the design elements in your home? Should it be something that will add value to your property? Or is easy maintenance your main concern? These and many other factors are often a new homeowner’s concern when building their homes.

Wood flooring is one of the best flooring choices available today. Unlike any other flooring materials, wood provides warmth and an easy feeling on the feet. For kitchens that are generally used for cooking, relaxation and entertainment, wood flooring is a good choice. This works especially well in an open design kitchen that joins the dining area or the family room. Wood flooring does not only provide a good design element, it is also readily available in a variety of choices. There are many shades and grain patterns to suit your design scheme and style. Choose light colored woods like ash for contemporary designs; while dark color woods like walnut will go well with country designs. Pine can enhance the traditional or country look of your house. Parquet floors are often the designer’s choice for a more formal look. For a more interesting approach, choose a wood color that contrasts the color of your cabinets and furniture. Combining different kinds of wood will also create an attractive design. You can use one wood for the main section and another will serve as border or accent. Wood floors can be dressed up with a parquet inset or borders. Borders will usually help define the space.

Bear in mind that the flooring you select in a showroom may look different, once installed in your home. This usually depends on several factors like the available natural and artificial lighting. This may look either lighter or darker in your own space than in the showroom.

According to Real Estate Agents, houses with wood flooring usually sell faster than carpeted homes. This means that wood flooring add value to your homes.

Contrary to what most of us think, wood flooring is practically easy to maintain. With just simple vacuuming and sweeping, any wood floor can withstand years of service. However, it is also necessary to provide protection to your wood flooring from moisture and scratches. Routine maintenance is also advisable. This can be in the form of a hardwood cleaner application. Most designers recommend that a clear water-based finishing material should be used for wood flooring in the kitchen or bath. This type of material is easy to recoat and touch up. This is especially beneficial in areas where heavy traffic is often anticipated and recoating is often a possibility. However, pre-finished flooring has by far the most durable finish. This is because of the factory-applied acrylic finish, which coats and penetrates the surface. Although pre-finished wood flooring is expensive, it can last more years than your ordinary wood flooring. Additionally, use slip resistant rugs in areas where there is heavy traffic to protect the wood floor from wear and tear.

Finally, wood flooring contributes to a healthy living environment. It does not trap dust mites or mold therefore contributing to a better indoor air quality.