Tips On How To Insulate Your Ventilated Crawlspace

As you already know, it’s important to insulate the crawlspace of your home in order to save on your energy bills. There are two types of crawlspaces: ventilated and unventilated. This article will give you tips on how to insulate a ventilated crawlspace.

How to Insulate a Ventilated Crawlspace

You should get to the crawlspace and spray expanding spray-foam insulation into any holes that might be present. You should fill the holes completely and allow them to dry. Once dry you should measure the space in order to determine the size of fiberglass insulation that you need.

You should buy the insulation and push it tight against the floor above. For ideal results you should install the insulation with the paper backing side up, against the floor. To hold the insulation in place you should use a wire insulation support. For ideal results you should use the support under the insulation and between the floor joists. You should continue supporting the insulation the entire length.

In addition to installing the wire support you should also install a sheet of belly board. You should start installing the support on the outermost edge while nailing it to a lathe strip. You should secure the edges after every 12 inches.

After attaching the belly board you should now attach sheets of Styrofoam insulation. The main role of this insulation is to provide additional insulation and support. It also prevents animal damage to the belly board.

You should start attaching the sheets from the corner of the space. To prevent it from falling you should hold the sheep up and nail it to the lathe strip. For ideal results you should nail the sheets every 12 inches.

To make your work easy, you should consider using a power-actuated gun when driving nails into concrete. If you feel that the glue won’t stick you should avoid using it. Before you install the insulation it’s wise that you check your local building code in order to determine the right requirements in your area.

To avoid injuring yourself you should ensure that you wear protective clothing. This calls for you to wear protective eye wear, gloves, face mask and long sleeves. This is particularly important when you are working with fiberglass insulation.


This is how you should insulate a ventilated crawl space. For ideal results you should ask an attic cleaning and insulation replacement professional to help you with the work.