Why Is That One Room Always Hot?

We all have that room in our homes that is either the “hot” room or the “cold” room. We don’t really know why it’s a different temperature than the rest of the house but we have come to accept it. Perhaps you are closing off one vent to try and get more air to come out of another. Did you know that this issue can be fixed? That there could be an actual reason why your bedroom is like a sauna when the rest of the home is cool and comfortable. As part of your AC Unit maintenance or if this is an issue you’d like solved sooner rather than later your AC professional can run tests that can help determine the cause.

– Magnehelic Test – a brand name test for using a Magnehelic Gauge to take differential pressure measurements of the system. This is a quick and simple way to take measurements of your system, if the results are not where they should be the next test would be your best option for finding the issue.

– Flow Hood Test – a test that is used to measure volumetric airflow at diffusers, grilles and registers. This test is more involved and may take a little more time however will inevitably help get to the root area of the issue. This is not a test that is offered by all HVAC Maintenance companies so be sure to ask if it something they offer before hiring them.

– Duct Size and Design – Ensuring that you have the correct duct size and design for your AC Unit and home is a must. I’ll explain a little more shortly as to why these two pieces should be compatible for the utmost efficiency of the unit.

While your AC Professional is at your home, performing these tests be sure to walk with them, and ask questions. Let them know your concerns and where you are feeling pain points whether it be the “cold” room, high electric bills, or a humid / sticking feeling in your home during certain times of the day. Ask them to show you what the proper readings should be for your specific AC unit and what the actual readings are showing. They should be able to show you this with no hesitation.

One of the most common culprits of inadequate air flow is your duct work. As an AC Professional we often get asked “How does my duct work look?” well, it might look great but the better question to ask is “How is my duct work, working?” If you have recently invested in a high efficiency HVAC Unit you might want to make sure that your duct work is up to par as well. AC Unit efficiency is rated in terms of SEER – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio which indicates the relative amount of energy needed to provide a specific cooling output. The minimum SEER AC Units must have today is 13, the higher the number the more efficient. However, you will only achieve this efficiency if you have the proper duct size and design; your AC System is only as good as the airflow through the ducts. So when researching a new unit be sure to include the duct work into the equation.

A whole new unit and duct work might not be what you need, perhaps you just need some repairs and/or modifications. You AC Professional should be able to pin point these areas with their tests and provide repairs or modifications to fix the issues. If this is the case, keep in mind that FPL offers incentives and rebates for duct repair saving money and energy is a win / win situation.