Top 5 Work Wear Essentials for Construction Workers

Construction sites are dangerous and it is important for the workers to take appropriate safety measures before going to work. Safety should be of prime importance when it comes to construction site workers as they are prone to accidents and fatal injuries.

Here is a list of top five workwear essentials that should be given to the construction workers to assure their safety:

Eye Protection

As construction site workers are prone to accidents that can cause eye injury, it is crucial to provide them with strong goggles that can protect the eyes. Activities such as drilling stones, cutting metals, etc. can damage the eyes. Therefore, goggles and face shields are very crucial, every worker should possess them while working at a construction site.

Hearing Defence

There is a lot of noise pollution produced at a construction site. The noise usually hovers around 85-90 decibels and this can cause serious hearing problems. Top quality earplugs and earmuffs can save workers from damaging their hearing capability. Impaired hearing is a serious issue that stays permanently, therefore it is crucial to provide each worker with earmuffs that can protect the ears. It is also important to look after the maintenance of these hearing protection to ensure their efficacy.

Sturdy Hats

At a construction site, the workers are prone to head injuries as there is always a fear that some heavy object might fall and damage the head. Therefore, proper precautions must be taken before starting to work. Strong head gears can protect the head from these heavy objects. It is advised to wear strong hats that can fight against heavy objects.

Tough Boots

It is also important to wear tough work boots that can protect the feet from sharp objects. Different types of boots are available depending on the type of work involved at a particular construction site. It is crucial to provide the worker with the correct kind of boot.

Waterproof Clothes

Clothing is another important factor for construction site workers as they need to work in adverse weather conditions. It is crucial to wear waterproof clothes that can protect the workers from harsh weather conditions such as storms and rain.

These workwear items are essential and every construction site worker must own them. The duty of the boss is to look after the safety of his employees as they need to work in a challenging environment. The workers should always possess the right safety gear before going to work or they might succumb to accidents.





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