Electric Ranges Are a Professional and Cost-Effective Option

Anyone who has remodeled a kitchen knows a headache-inducing number of choices are to be made when it comes to selecting appliances. All these options cause additional anxiety for homeowners who actually cook in their kitchens. One of the decisions you will need to make is the type of cooking surface you want. Gas stoves have been especially popular over the past several years because they are thought to be the preferred surface of professional chefs. This perception is no doubt due to the popularity of restaurant-based reality shows and cooking programs. However, there are a variety of reasons why you may want to consider an electric cooktop. Electric ranges are safe, cost-effective and produce professional-grade results.

Regardless of whether you cook or not, safety is likely a top priority in your home. Electric ranges offer a number of safety features over their gas-fueled counterparts. The burners power on and off instantly at the turn of a knob, rather than relying on an igniter and pilot light. If the pilot light burns out on a gas-powered stove, the room could fill with toxic natural gas. Additionally, the burners typically have an indicator light showing that the cooking surface is hot. This feature can warn you or any little helpers in the kitchen against touching the surface or placing a flammable item on it. Finally, cleanup is easy because the heating elements are either flat or removable. Spills and solids are easily wiped away so that they cannot ignite.

Electric ranges are also the more cost-effective option. First of all, the appliance itself is cheaper than the gas option. Additionally, they do not require any special installation and most can be simply plugged into the wall, unlike gas stoves, which usually require installation by a professional. If your home is not already set up to use natural gas, it will have to be equipped to do so. Additionally, these models are more-cost effective to use because they do not heat the rest of your house while they are in use. By using only as much heat as necessary, the cooking surface does not create more work for your air conditioning system. Many people argue that using natural gas is cheaper. However, selecting an Energy Star-qualified appliance can negate the savings natural gas offers.

Finally, electric ranges produce dishes that rival their gas counterparts in terms of quality, presentation and taste. The oven heats all parts of the dish evenly resulting in perfectly baked cakes, breads and other dishes. They are also ideal for roasting. The dry heat produced creates a char on the outside while leaving the center of the meat juicy and tender. Temperature control is also easily managed on these appliances. You can adjust the heat as often as needed as you are cooking. The temperature will also adjust faster on these appliances.

You will have a lot of choices to make when you remodel your kitchen, including the type of stove you want. Electric ranges are an efficient, professional option for many homes.