Island Kitchen Cabinets That Won’t Leave You Stranded

Have you ever dreamed of getting away from it all and retreating to your own private island? Maybe that’s not in the budget (yet), but you can always do the next best thing. With the creative use of kitchen cabinets and other design elements, you can kick back in your favorite easy chair and conjure up a unique kitchen island that won’t take a back seat to anyone.

Cottage Charm

If your idea of the perfect vacation doesn’t involve a trip to the cottage, let the cottage come to you. With quaintly designed kitchen cabinets and beaded panelling beneath a salvaged butcher block counter, this island configuration lets you experience the charm of cottage living without the mosquitoes and noisy neighbors. Who could say no to that?

Triple your Pleasure

Bigger is better. The more the merrier. They may be clich├ęs, but if you’re someone who subscribes to the “home as castle” approach, then they probably ring true. For a kitchen strategy and kitchen cabinets to match, try a large island with a three section counter sporting a variety of top grade materials such as teak and slate. The extra space opens up a world of possibilities, including a larger work area, two sinks and generous helpings of drawers, cupboards and kitchen cabinets in the base.

You can even use an overhanging countertop to create a seating area for casual meals or conversation. When you see the finished product, you’ll agree that two may be company, but three will set you above the crowd.

Opposites Attract Attention

Matching colors are great when you want a harmonious look, but sometimes it’s nice to mix it up a bit. To create compelling visuals with your island and kitchen cabinets, experiment with contrasting textures and colors. A warm walnut countertop will really stand out when set against white cabinets down below. Top it off with brown leather stools in that same warm tone for a compelling effect that’s the opposite of boring and predictable.

Thin is In

Sometimes, the best approach to your island and kitchen cabinets is like the optimal visiting time for the in-laws: Less is more. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, a slim island and matching kitchen cabinets can be the perfect fit. You can keep walking lanes open and have ample room for food preparation, bar service and storage with cabinets. If you leave out the countertop overhang that often accompanies an island, you can avoid the congestion of family or guests congregating for in-kitchen dining.

Move it & Use it

When is an island not an island? When it’s actually a movable worktable complete with drawers and kitchen cabinets. With a heavy duty surface, it still serves its purpose as a food prep area, but the portable aspect allows it to do double or triple duty as a buffet table or extra counter space in a small kitchen. By including drawers and cabinets underneath, you can maximize the usable space and minimize the claustrophobic effect that often goes hand in hand with the “cozy kitchen” theme.

Distress for Success

If you yearn for simpler times, a basic, table-like island with an open base may be the answer. The distressed table top gives it a retro feel, and you can compensate for the lack of storage below by adding drawers and kitchen cabinets to other areas of the kitchen.

Regardless of your current set-up, there’s a design solution to address your wants and needs. While it’s true that “no man (or woman) is an island”, with a little planning you can HAVE the island that will never leave you stranded.