Kitchen Cabinet Styles and Trends

Designing a new kitchen is such an exciting time; you get to create the space you have always dreamed about from the overall design to the kitchen cabinets and more.

One of the important factors to take into consideration is to choose your products widely, ensuring you maximize the space, ensure the space is efficient and most important, it will not be outdated any time soon.

One of the most popular kitchen cabinets styles and trends is light colors. White comes in a choice of shades, enabling you to easily incorporate it into your space, instantly brightening the area. This is valuable in a darker area which doesn’t benefit from an abundance of natural light.

Efficiency is another very important element when choosing kitchen cabinets. These days these storage spaces are not just shelves, they include adequate storage for smaller items, pots and pans and other products. Because the products can be customized, they can be made in various sizes, ensuring every part of the under counter area is utilized, reducing clutter and helping you keep everything organized with ease.

Kitchen cabinets come in a choice of design options from slab to shaker options. Slab are exactly as the name suggests, they are a flat and smoothed cupboard door without any detailing or bevels, very plain, sleek and elegant.

Then there are the shaker designs. These are slightly different, though they still provide you with an elegant design. Shaker doors have another square slab inside the original slab, creating texture and design to the space.

Adding glass to some of the wall cupboards can make a sizeable impact on your overall kitchen design. Many households use glass these days to provide something different to their design. This can be incorporated with under lighting, creating that gentle glow that can speak a thousand words.

When you choose glass as a cabinet choice, only use it on certain cupboards and not all of them, mix and match to create your own personal space that you can be proud of.

These days one of the kitchen cabinet styles and trends is to hide any appliances. This includes refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers. These appliances are set in place and then a cupboard door, matching the rest of the kitchen is used to blend the appliance in with the rest of the space.

This has its advantages and can create a very sleek design and a “wow” factor to your finished product.

Bamboo has become another very popular trend in kitchens these days. This material is strong and hard and is used for various applications. The advantage to this product is that it is eco-friendly. Bamboo is a sustainable resource that was originally used as flooring and is now used for spectacular kitchen cabinets throughout the world.

When looking at the various kitchen cabinet styles and trends it’s important to take your overall house design into consideration. While both slab and shaker styles will work in any home design, you want to take the wood you choose and the overall design of the space into serious consideration.

Only buy from a reputable supplier that has experience with solid wood cabinets, this way you know you are spending money for a good quality product that will last for years. Today’s designs are geared to last a lifetime. Most people don’t want to change their cabinets every few years, which is why they choose a design that they can work with in the future, creating a timeless elegance that will never go out of style.