Kitchen Gallery Ideas: Design Features That Can Revolutionize Your Small Kitchen

Not everyone has a spacious kitchen which they can hardly fill up with all the available fixtures. At times, you have to make do with very limited space and more fixtures that there is room for. In such a situation, what you need is a revolutionary strategy that can not only deliver an efficient cooking space, but also a truly stunning look.

You can kick off this noble pursuit of revolutionizing your tiny cooking area by browsing through various kitchen gallery samples. This is easily done by checking through online sites from reputable remodeling companies. You’re sure to find a wide variety of kitchen design samples that can offer many useful and practical ideas, which you can then apply in your own home.

Here are several features that will help transform your cooking area:

1. Dark Palette

Virtually everybody knows that white or light colors can create the illusion of spaciousness in any room. However, what you may not realize is that strategic placement of dark tones can achieve a similar effect.

One particular area in which a dark tone can create the impression of spaciousness is the backsplash. You can achieve this by installing a glossy, black surface which gives the perception of greater depth, while providing a luminous surface that further enhances a roomy feel. If you have an extended horizontal backsplash surface, this will further compliment a sense of greater width in your kitchen.

Take note that a dark surface won’t achieve the desired effect on its own. You must also ensure that you have sufficient lighting to take advantage of the luminous surface of your backsplash, as well as an intelligently designed layout. Since such an effect isn’t as easy to create as compared to using white or light colors, you might need to engage the services of a designer who is competent enough to achieve it.

2. Skylight

Not everyone can install a skylight, since direct access to the roof is required which is only possible with bungalows or top floors of storied buildings. However, if you do have the opportunity of installing a skylight, you must take full advantage of it. How else would you get natural light flooding into your cooking area free of charge?

Even an all-white kitchen may feel gloomy and claustrophobic without sufficient light. In fact, artificial light can never fully deliver the radiance of bright natural light. Hence, having unlimited access to unimpeded natural light is not just a luxury, but is also a very wise design decision.

However, you should realize that poor skylight installations may bring about much greater disadvantages than the potential advantages. Such poorly designed feature may end up making your kitchen either too cold or too hot. Indeed, the Australian Government Department of Industry reveals that poorly designed skylights or windows may leak out as much as 40% of the heat in your cooking space, during winter.

Moreover, poorly designed skylights tend to have gaps and crack around the edges, which are not only unsightly, but can also lead to major losses. These gaps and cracks create open passages for heat moving in or out of the house. Based on data from the Australian Government Department of Industry, such gaps and cracks have the potential of adding 25% extra costs to your cooling and heating bills.