Planning A Bespoke Kitchen: How To Get Started

A bespoke kitchen is one of the best ways to get your cooking space just right. Everyone has a slightly different idea of how a kitchen should look and feel, and everyone uses their own kitchen in a slightly different way. Some will cook and bake because they love to, while for others it will be a purely functional space. Some people rarely cook in their kitchen at all, and some use it more as a social area and extension of their living space than for cooking and eating.

One of the first things you will need to consider when planning for a bespoke kitchen is just how much you want to change. Are you planning on an entirely new kitchen, or an update to what you already have? To do this you will need to access your room as it is. Is there anything about it you really love, or does the whole space need an overhaul? If you can keep your appliances, for example, you will find your costs will be substantially lower than they might be if you had to get absolutely everything new.

A bespoke kitchen can add to the value of your home, so it can sometimes be worth doing even if you’re planning on moving out. If this is the case, speak to an estate agent so they can give you advice about what will and won’t add value so that you’re not spending money unnecessarily.

There are a wide range of different kitchen layouts you can consider.

A galley kitchen is perfect for the smaller space. Appliances and units line both sides of the space, leaving open floor down the middle and making it easy to reach everything. Whichever layout you decide to go for, remember that the idea is to place the sink, oven and fridge close together as you will often been using these particular items in combination. Different rooms will have different constraints such as size, position of doors, windows and sockets. You can get an electrician in if you need to incorporate additional sockets or relocate your oven socket in your new bespoke kitchen.

If you’re not sure you can afford a whole redesign, consider looking at particular elements instead. You can paint the walls which will give a new look to any room, and is perfect from those working from a budget. Consider new counter tops as these will be one of the most visible parts of your space.