Hiring a Landscape Designer

When you want your yard landscaped, who are you likely to call? Most lawn boys won’t do? But what if you wanted to get your yard or flower beds done up? I’m not talking about the grass cut here, but those vast expanses that give meaning to word expanse? Would a mere lawn boy do or are you in need of someone more like a landscape designer?

Most people tend to confuse the landscape designer with an lawn boy or grass cutter. This is common enough and when the words landscape designer are mentioned, most people would begin to think in this fashion. But we are talking about the horticultural variety of the landscape designer more than the cultural variety!

A landscape designer is a much in demand professional. Maybe it would not be a good idea to use the term professional here. For although what he does is strictly speaking, his profession, a landscape designer is also a creative individual who indulges his knowledge of plants, shrubs and trees to create something that enthralls and inspires. Ever wondered who maintains and comes up with the striking designs of all those manicured lawns you are likely to see at some of the larger estate houses? Well, the answer lies with a landscape designer. Ever wondered who is behind all those shrub mazes and French gardens? The answer is again a landscape designer.

How does one become a landscape designer anyways? Well, you would be surprised to know that there is a course available for people who seek an entry into this profession. It is an expansion of what used to be known as ‘home science’ in an earlier time. While the course covers the fundamentals of gardening and horticulture, it also deals with an element of aesthetics and a fair amount of history. Learning to become one is a fairly eclectic choice and the various modules of the course more than easily reflect this. It is not an easy task to learn to become a landscape designer. But with patience, dedication and skill, it surely is a lucrative vocation.

Most landscape designers, once they have achieved a degree of a reputation, or after they have been commissioned to create some reputable landscapes, tend to attract fees in the very high range. It is but natural to expect this. A good landscape designer will save you money in the long run. Having the landscape designer create a plan will help you get the yard you want. Give the landscape designer a budget so he can build a design for your yard and budget.