Landscaping With Rocks Tips and Tricks

Landscaping with rocks can be a unique and visually appealing way of turning your home and yard into a beautiful and enduring setting. Not only will the rocks be there forever, never needing to be cared for, but if the rocks used are taken from one’s own yard or surrounding area, they will provide the perfect compliment to whatever types of plants, shrubs, and trees are already in place.

When landscaping with rocks, make sure to draw a plan of how you want everything to look when finished, taking into account anything that may already by in the yard and around the house. Rocks should not be simply placed on top of the earth, but rather should be buried about halfway into the ground so as to provide a natural aesthetic. When they are partially concealed in the earth, the rocks will appear to go with whatever environment they are in, instead of being awkwardly strewn all over the place. Rocks should not be placed individually and should be assembled in groups of three to five, depending on size and shape. This will also aid in giving the final look of the overall landscaping an organic feel.

A few cautions before one begins landscaping with rocks, however. For starters, rocks are extremely coarse and should be handled while wearing heavy-duty gloves. They are also dense and therefore heavier than they look, and should only be carried short distances. If the rocks are farther away from their intended destinations, use a wheelbarrow or garden way cart to prevent strain. Always plan to gather more rocks than you think you need, as rocks tend to seem larger when laying about individually than when piled in a group.

There are many interesting ways that you can landscape with rocks. You can make your own rock walls, and paths, and embedding stones into the ground is an extremely useful way of keeping grass and weeds from growing in unwanted places, such as around decks, grills, or outdoor hot tubs. Rock walls make an excellent alternative to white picket fences that may seem out of place depending on your surrounding environment and neighborhood. In addition, a rock wall never needs to be painted, washed, or replaced, and will only get better with time as the rocks age and weather. Rock walkways provide an attractive substitute for expensive and unsightly pavement, and will go with the rest of the landscaping. In addition, lining a slate walkway or marble patio with an assortment of rocks is the perfect way to keep the surrounding vegetation from encroaching.

The key to landscaping with rocks is making sure that one balances the size, shape, and color of the rocks with the surrounding vegetation. Just keep in mind that in the winter, the trees and rocks will be the only visible part of the landscape until the flower and plants come out again in the spring. It is important, therefore, to make sure that one does not overpopulate one area with rocks and leave the landscape looking uneven. Landscaping with rocks could be just the thing your home and garden need to create the relaxing and natural atmosphere you are looking for.