Bed Bug Menace: Signs and Prevention

Bed bugs happen to be an affliction in many households. They are commonly known as little bloodsuckers that live on the blood of vulnerable sleepers throughout the night. They are known for taking turns for feasting on human blood. These pesticides are a serious issue of health concern even if they are not spreading any diseases. They can still inflict a lot of harm. Their victims may suffer from loss of sleep, itchiness, skin infections and a few other problems. In case you suspect your house to be infested by these bed bugs, then you need to take an action immediately.

Common signs of bed bugs

You need to take a closer look at the bed sheets and pillow cases. If bed bugs are present, then you would see small dots of blood on these objects. Colored fecal matter resembling rust would be visible on mattress and soft furniture. On inspecting the darker areas in the house you would see molted exoskeletons. Dead bugs are also found in the fold of bed sheets or mattresses. You may also find live bugs in these places.

Apart from inspecting these areas, you need to take a close look at yourself and other members of your family. Look on the body parts that are exposed while sleeping. If there are bugs around, then you will see red and itchy bite marks on these body parts.

A pest control inspection is the best way to verify the presence of pesticides.


Bed bug control can be a very difficult task. These pests are hard to find and eliminate. You can still ensure that these pests would not be disturbing you if you follow a few steps.

The first thing you need to do is to educate yourself about these pests. Learn the signs of infestations. Keep on checking areas in the house where people rest and sleep.

The next important step is to de-clutter the house. These pests happen to be experts at remaining concealed. This calls for the need to clean up the living space, especially the bedroom. This will reduce the number of places they have to hide. All items that are not required need to be disposed or else stored away. Clothing should not be laid on the floor.

All bed sheets and pillowcases need to be washed regularly with hot water.

Use a vacuum to clean your home regularly. You need to specifically target areas where people rest and sleep. Take extra care on areas like furniture, cracks, crevices and baseboards.

Never share your sleeping material with anyone. Second hand furniture should not be brought into the house. The same applies for mattresses and box springs. They should only be bought after having examined them clearly for signs of pest infection.