How to Avoid Bedbugs When You Are on the Go

While on the go, you should take a couple of precautions to make sure you do not bring bedbugs in your home. Needless to say bedbugs move from one place to another through luggage people carry while travelling. The tips packed in this article will help you in minimizing your risk of bringing bedbugs to your home.

Before leaving for a trip, you should spray your belongings with an easy-to-use and effective spray. The spray will prevent bedbugs from getting into your belongings as you travel. For this, you should use a type of spray that is harmless to humans.

As soon as you get into the hotel room where you want to stay, you should take off bed sheets and mattress and go over them using a flashlight. You should pay special heed to mattress seams at the backside of the headboard. Check for any signs of bedbugs, such as small black spots. As a matter of fact, this is the easiest way of detecting the presence of bedbugs.

After you check on the bed, you should check for bedbug’s signs by looking at tables and drawers. You may come across bug skins that are brown. In case of heavy infestation, you may come across live bedbugs, too. So, be careful as they may scare the hell out of you.

Make it a habit to place your suitcases on a luggage stand put in the centre of your room. Placing luggage or clothing on the bed or floor is not a good idea. To prevent the bugs from gaining access to your luggage, you can also put your belongings in a protector if possible.

As soon as you detect bedbugs in the room, you should get in touch with the management of hotel ASAP. You should then collect your luggage and get out of the room right away. If the management asks you to take another room, you should choose a room that is not attached to the infested one. Before you choose to setline in the new room, you should repeat the same steps to make sure it has no bedbugs.

Before you leave the hotel at the end of your tour, you should check on your stuff once again. You can also place your belongings in a heating machine for eradicating any bugs in your luggage.

For further information on how to detect bedbugs, you may want to seek a professional pest exterminator.