How to Control Aphids With Ease

Aphids can destroy plants if left untreated. Aphids are harmful insects that suck sap from plants, damaging flowers, leaves, and stems in the process. Managing an outbreak of aphids is not an easy job. However, using biological deterrents in combination with soaps, organic oils and sprays, you can get rid of aphid infestation.

Biological Controls

Use a pair of garden shears or your fingers to kill off aphids. Although, killing off a lot of aphids is not possible with this method, killing a few will send a warning single to others, and hopefully they will go away.

Snip off the affected part of the plant. You can use garden shears for this purpose. After cutting off the infested area, you should drop it into a bucket containing soapy water, and take it away from your garden. Do not just throw the infested branches in your garden.

Invite some lacewings or ladybugs to your garden. Both types of bugs feed on aphids. For luring them to your garden, you can buy a ladybug home and ladybug food. Alternatively, you can buy ladybugs from nurseries.

Attract birds to your garden. Both wrens and chickadees feed on aphids. For attracting these birds, you can set up birdhouses and get some birdseed to spread in your garden.

Try to reduce the population of ants in your garden, as they protect aphids. To lure the ants away, you should place little cans of honey just below plants infested with aphids. The role of the honey will be to draw ants away, making them more visible to natural predators.

To keep ant population under control, you should get some sticky bands and place them around infested plants. What sticky bands do is to destroy ants giving protection to aphids.

For attracting aphid eaters, you should choose the right plants, such as dill, fennel, mint, dandelions and clover, just to name a few. These plants are very good at attracting ladybugs, lacewings and several types of other insects. Within a few weeks, you will see a considerable reduction in aphid population.

Grow plants for driving away aphids. Two plants are perfect for this purpose: onion and garlic. The smell of these plants keeps aphids away from a place.

If the aphid infestation problem is getting out of hand and you just do not know what to do, you may want to have the aphid infestation treated by a professional pest controller. Keep in mind that you should make this decision in time or the aphids will gradually destroy all your plants in the garden.