The Best Ways To Kill Fruit Flies

Having fruit flies buzzing around food items would certainly be disgusting. Firstly, where do they come from? And, how do they know that some decaying food is lying around? They seem to appear out of nowhere. The fact is insects have extremely efficient sensory organs that help them to smell food, be it decaying bananas, or rotting fruit peels. From the health perspective, allowing these pests to stay in the kitchen is not at all good. They spread germs, disease-causing microorganisms and bacteria. Almost everyone has had some problems with these annoying bugs at some point in time. So, let’s see what are the best ways to kill fruit flies.

Cooked Potato Peeling as a Bait

The problem with fruit flies is once any object goes near them, they just fly off and hide in some place. So, first you need to place an effective trap and then use a repellent spray on them. An easy way is to cook some potato peels and leave them on a plate to attract fruit flies. Once they flock the peelings, spray the flies with repellants.

Vinegar Solution

Take a glass and fill it halfway with vinegar. Then, heat the vinegar for a few seconds to make it release some fruity smell. The smell will attract fruit flies in large numbers. Then, add a few drops of cleaning liquid to the vinegar, and wrap the top of the glass with a thin, translucent material like muslin cloth or tissue paper. Then, poke a few holes at the top, and leave it for a few hours at a place where flies frequent. Alternatively, you can also place some rotting watermelon, or banana, or papaya, in a pouch that has some holes punched all over it. Leave it for a few hours for a bunch of them to get trapped. Another solution is to place some rotting banana peels or bananas in a zip lock bag. As soon as the flies enter the zip lock bag, zip it and destroy them.

Air-Condition Your Room

Fruit flies can’t resist cold temperature. So, when they inundate your kitchen or any room, switch on the air conditioner, and keep the windows and doors ajar to allow the them to escape.

Fruit flies are naturally attracted towards rotting fruits and anything that gives a rancid, putrid fruity smell like decaying bananas. So, if you have difficulty in disposing of waste, take a gallon of hot water, add a few tablespoon of salt and black pepper, and spray the mixture on the places where they frequent.