Tips for Getting Rid of Roaches

Are you harboring a full-blown infestation of cockroaches in or around your property? Roaches are certainly some of the most annoying and unsightly of pest infestations faced by property owners all over the world and it is certainly important to have such an issue resolved right away.

Roaches are a health hazard – they are known to carry and transmit a wide range of diseases. On top of being a health concern, these pests scatter pollen agents that can cause serious allergic reactions and asthma attacks. The market offers a ton of solutions for dealing with cockroach infestations from natural solutions like diatomaceous soil to boric acid and chemical solutions. The solution to opt for ultimately depends on one’s needs and situation.

If you are not particularly fond of harsh chemical solutions to your pest problem then the use of diatomaceous earth would be most ideal. Simply apply them around areas that cockroaches often frequent such as underneath furniture and appliances. The great thing about this organic solution is that it poses no harm to people or household pets. However, the material is lethal to roaches as it damages their exoskeleton in days after ingesting it. Results are slow but consistent application should ultimately eliminate your cockroach problem.

Diatomaceous earth is also effective as a pest control solution against fleas and ants. One might see an increased presence of roaches in plain sight following application but don’t be alarmed. It’s only natural since the material also has drying properties and the roaches that you happen to see are only desperate to find water sources before they ultimately die away.

Yet another natural and fairly straightforward approach to cockroach pest control is to simply keep your property clean. Roaches thrive on messy, unclean and moist places and leaving a lot of garbage and food scraps lying around is practically asking for it.

Other solutions for cockroach pest control

Say that despite your best efforts, you are simply unable to effectively eliminate cockroach infestations through natural solutions like the one mentioned above. If so, then your cockroach problem is likely too extensive for any natural pest control solution to handle. Now would probably be a good time to resort to chemical pesticides.

While extremely effective especially when you are dealing with a large established colony of roaches, chemical insecticides are hazardous to human health and can potentially trigger asthma attacks in children. Hence proper use and precautionary measures are certainly important for safe and effective use.

Residual insecticide sprays dubbed by many as “chemical bombs” are ideal for sterilizing large areas free of roaches and other pests. It is often best to entrust the task to the proven and experienced professionals. It may cost more than attempting to tackle the task yourself but to the very least, these professionals know what they are doing and can guarantee effective and long term results.