Advantages of Fiberglass Septic Tanks Over Concrete Septic Tanks

If you currently have a concrete septic tank, there will likely come a time when it deteriorates to the point that is must be replaced. Although you could replace it with another concrete tank, there are other options which are generally considered to be superior. One of the best options available today is a fiberglass septic tank.

One advantage that fiberglass septic tanks have over concrete tanks is that they are lighter and easier to install, and no heavy equipment is needed to transport them. This can be very helpful in areas which are harder to access or if weather conditions are less than ideal.

Fiberglass septic tanks also will generally last longer than concrete septic tanks. One reason for this is that they are unaffected by sewer gases and are therefore less prone to deterioration.

If you have trees around the area where your septic tank will be installed than it would be advantageous to you to know that unlike some concrete septic tanks, fiberglass models cannot be penetrated and damaged by roots. This kind of damage would be inconvenient and costly to repair.

If your fiberglass tank does become damaged, however, it should be easier to repair than a concrete tank would be. This is especially true if the tank is located in an area which is difficult to access with heavy equipment.

When choosing a replacement septic tank, you should give fiberglass models serious consideration. Fiberglass septic tanks are a great option if you want a hassle free tank that will last you for many years to come.