Plumbers And House Plumbing

Even if you love your home and think you know it like the back of your hand, you cannot know every nook and cranny. Especially when it comes to your home’s plumbing system. Because they are trained to work on home water systems, it only makes sense that plumbers know your home’s plumbing system best. To better understand what is required of the plumber you hire, you should familiarize yourself with the basic water system layout of your house. This will also help you manage any minor plumbing problems in the event that your plumber is delayed when you call with an emergency water system problem.

Becoming Familiar With Your Home’s Water System

Your home’s water system is much more complicated than you probably think, involving several separate plumbing systems all working together to provide you with functional service and comfort. Any qualified plumber is thoroughly familiar with all these separate systems and how they interact. He also should know what each problem means and how to go about solving it. The following paragraph will help you get a grasp of the various water systems that are at work within your home.

All home plumbing begins with a fresh water supply system. This system takes care of the distribution of fresh water to all parts of your home that require fresh water. This includes the water you drink, wash your dishes in and bathe in. The outdoor lawn sprinklers and the irrigation of your garden are also served by this part of the system. The plumbing for this part of the system is probably the most extensive in your home, as it needs to serve all areas of your house.

The drain and waste water system is another important part of your water supply. As important as the pipes that bring water into your home are the pipes that carry the used water away. These pipes take the water to the wastewater site in your community for proper and environmental treatment.

Another important aspect of your home’s plumbing system involves properly venting the sewer gases that naturally build up in waste water pipes. This venting is generally accomplished via a small pipe that vents the air outside to the roof of the home. This venting also allows proper pressure to be maintained allowing the drainpipes to work, as they should. It should be noted that some homes have more elaborate and specialized piping systems in place that allows for the use of more varied water systems for a pool or hot tub.