Renovation Research Equals Renovation Success

It might sound like going back to school (yikes!), but researching and studying your options for home renovations, especially kitchen renovations, will make the project easier and more successful.

Luckily, there are many different ways to research and learn more about your renovation.

Magazines and Books – You might not expect your renovation project to start at the drug store, but they usually have a good selection of home improvement magazines. You don’t need to get too involved, the pictures alone will start ideas flowing. Visit big box hardware stores for magazines that are more specific to your renovation. Your local library will not only have a selection of magazines, but also many helpful and idea producing books.

Talk to Family and Friends – Ever admire a friend’s renovation only to learn that, while they like it, they wished they had done something differently? Your family and friends might have already been through some of the decisions you are trying to make – and they know the consequences.

Suppliers – Don’t be afraid to approach suppliers, even when you are not ready to buy. The right supplier will know a lot about what you are trying to do and will be willing to give you advice. Suppliers are an especially good way to find out what your renovation will cost. Look for those offering free quotations. You might like something you see in a magazine – until you find out the cost. Big box hardware stores might be a good place to start asking questions because then you will know a little more when you talk to a specialist. Look for suppliers with showrooms and displays; there is nothing like seeing and touching to give you a better idea of what will work best.

The Internet – It’s not just for kids any more. Finding a wealth of knowledge on the internet is as easy as typing a few words and clicking on “Search”. Try to get information from different sources – retail sites, manufacturer sites, supplier sites (look for those with pictures of their work), and do-it-yourself sites. Web logs (blogs) are another source. More and more people are keeping blogs and many are about home renovation projects. It could be a good way to find first hand experiences about some of the issues you might face.

The other research you need to do might be a little easier and less time consuming – but it also might be more important. Take the time to think about how your family uses your kitchen. A particular kitchen might be very attractive, but it might not be the best choice for your lifestyle.

The more you know about it, the better your home renovation project will be – from start to finish.