Assessing the Condition of Your Roof

There is no doubt that the roof is perhaps one of the most important parts of your home especially since it covers everything else and protects it from the elements. Doing a nice maintenance job for the roof is extremely important in order to maintain the overall quality of not only the house but the lives of all who live under its roof. However, we are not roof experts and many times we are not aware of developing problems until it is too late.

Making a sound decision on whether to replace or repair the roof of your house is a big decision that you have to make at one time or another; this will sometimes be dependent on what the potential costs are especially in relation to maintaining the current roof. The best way to determine what is gong to work for your existing roof is to perform an assessment of the roof’s condition every once in a while. If you are going to succeed in this exercise, you need to know what areas to check and how to do it as often as is required.

Check the shingles: You need to always check what the condition of the shingles is every so often. Any shingles that are cracked, damaged, buckling, bending or missing need to be replaced as soon as possible. However, if you realize that the number of shingles that are missing on need to be replaced is quite high, you may want to call in an expert to advice you whether it is time to replace the roof completely.

Buildup of ice: During winter and any other cold seasons, it is important to pay very close attention to areas on the roof where ice is likely to build up. Ice is known to cause serious damage to the roof as well as the gutters running along the roof to aid in draining. Ventilating and insulating that attic is one way of preventing this problem from happening since warm temperatures in the attic will generally refreeze and melt the ice.

Check for water leaks: If there is an attic in your home, you need to climb into it often and check for any staining on the ceiling or any evidence of water leaks. You may want to also check other areas such as around vents, pipes and chimneys since they are usually the main culprits for leaks. Don’t forget to check if any light is creeping through the roof since it will be a clear indication that there is a gap in the sealing of the roof.

A swampy yard: Take a wake around your property to check if you will find any swampy grass or a soggy patch in the yard which will be an indication that some gutters could actually be clogged. It is important to always clear debris from gutters in order to allow water to drain properly. You don’t want any excess water running from the roof eventually destroying your home’s foundation.

Gutters: Always check to ensure that there are no loose gutters attached to your home so that they don’t direct water wrongly so as to cause damage to your home and property.