Changeable Lock Codes-By the End User

Changeable lock codes are available on cam locks, vending locks and padlocks. These locks come with eight code changes and are totally mechanical. For example, if you lose your key for the padlock on your storage unit or something else valuable that you are securing, you would have to purchase a new padlock. However with these new locks you could change the lock code yourself to a new code with a new key in seconds without taking the lock off whatever it is securing.

The locks are numbered from 1-8 on the face of the lock.When you purchase them you should ask for keys for code one and code two, you will also get what is called a “Change Key”. If additional keys are needed for the unused codes you can call the authorized service center you originally ordered from.

As you look at the lock face there is no outward indication as to what the current code is set to. You will only see the numbers 1-8 going in a clockwise direction. Changing the code is done by the end user and is very simple:

  • Insert your change key into the lock pointing it to the current code, then turn the change key to the new lock code.
  • The code can be set to any number from 1-8 in any direction.
  • For example you can go from 1 to 3 or from 7 to 2.
  • Once you turn the change key to the new code your old user key will no longer operate the lock and you will use the new user key.
  • Old codes can be reused again many times.
  • The change key is only used to change the code; it will not operate the lock.

You can see this is a very easy procedure. It is like buying 8 locks for the price of one. In this article I won’t go into the technical details of how this operation occurs internally within the lock. I wanted to explain the ease of changing the lock code by the end user.With these locks when there is a lost key or other security breach you can be secured again in a matter of minutes.

Each series of locks have their own registered codes and for that reason they will be found at authorized service centers.They will be able to cut the exact number of keys needed and help with any operational questions.