Home Security Tips From a Master Thief

If you want to best burglar, the best way to do that is to understand their mind. So where else to get valuable tips than from the master thief himself? In the book ‘A License to Steal,’ professional burglar Walter T. Shaw, who was a one-time member of the infamous burglary ring in America Dinner Set Gang, shared his secrets.

Watch what you say

When you are planning to go away for any period of time, you should choose who should know about your trip. It’s alright to share it with a friend, but be wary of strangers listening in to your conversation. Hairstylists, carpet installers and bank workers, according to Shaw, are just some of his informants during his day.

Protect all the entrances of your home

Whether it’s the front or back door, you should always watch out for any possible way a burglar may use. When everyone is crowding the front door for possible attack, your burglar may be quietly slipping through the French door at the back.

Also, don’t forget to add signs on your flower bed and the like that warn people that you have home security system installed or stick a decal on some of your windows. This would discourage strolling burglars and choose easier-to-target homes instead.

Video surveillance is your friend

Burglars are arrogant and they don’t think that they would be caught so those masks that we usually see on TV are rarely used. They may be stealthy, but they do not have the time to disable video surveillance. So, make sure that you have one of those around.

Burglars hate yapping dogs

Nope, no need to fetch yourself a Doberman. Your yapping dog will do, as there’s nothing a burglar hates more in the world than an uncontrollable house dog that would not stop barking at anyone.

Don’t keep valuables in the master bedroom

Burglars want to be in and out of your house as soon as they can. So the only place they would spend much of their time is in the bedroom where jewelry and important gadgets are usually kept. Make sure that you keep your things in the busiest part of the house and devise your own creative hiding places.

Make full use of your wireless burglar alarms. Whether it’s daylight, or you are just lounging in the family room, don’t underestimate your friendly burglar. He would not stop at anything from visiting you, so setup those precautionary measures and take heed of this advice.