Self Storage Tips for Homeowners

Is it time to pack up and move to a new home? Is your current home overflowing into your garage? Self storage can be an excellent way of dealing with your excess items that you do not wish to part with yet. This can occur for any number of reasons; maybe you’re renovating and need some items out of the way for a while. Is your spouse sick of a collection of yours but you don’t want to part with it, perhaps you wish to keep it around for a room you hope to have all to yourself when the kids leave? Storing items away when you’re selling your home is always a good idea. It could be because you need the space for that new car in your garage, or the seasonal items in your life need a place to be while they are not in use. Whatever the reason may be, your best storage options should be carefully examined before putting your valuables away. Failure to do so can lead to your precious assets being damaged, which would truly be a tragedy if they are heirlooms or irreplaceable memories from times past.

Taking your stuff and throwing it into any random storage container can be risky. What you should be looking for is out there. Be sure to find storage that is, first of all, large enough to store all your items without damage. Piling boxes up to the ceiling can lead to your items on the bottom being crushed due to weight, or your stacks tipping over. The aim here is to preserve your property, not to just get it out of the way. If that’s all you want to do you may consider donation of your items so that they can be used by someone who needs them, rather than damaged carelessly.

Visit the place you intend to store your property at before you bring everything over. Be sure to inspect the lighting, general upkeep, and security of the location. When possible, visibly inspect the actual unit you are intending to rent. Look for water leakage problems. If you see any water then this is not the unit for you. Even a slow leak can accumulate over time and destroy anything it touches. Any signs of water, mold, mildew or leaks are a sign that the storage location is not safe for your belongings.

Ask who has access to the keys. It should just be you. Ask if they have around the clock security systems in place such as closed circuit television. If it is important to you, most have 24 hour access, look into this option as well, who knows when you’ll have to get into your storage unit on a hectic moving day. Being locked out would be a huge issue if you’re renting moving vehicles for the day and have to do so over again.

Your home is best used for living, not for storage. If your house is turning into a giant storage locker you should consider self storage today to de-clutter your home.