Top 4 Types Of Sheds

Having a shed on your premises is essential for safe and secure storage. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of shed’s tends to be a dilapidated structure that is full of bric-a-brac. Placing a shed on your property doesn’t have to be an eyesore, in fact there are 4 major types of sheds that you can choose from that will match your location, budget and prove an efficient way to store your things.

Wooden Sheds

Most outdoor sheds are crafted from some sort of sturdy wood. More than just a standalone structure for storage, these are a permanent part of your home that are built to last many years. Thought wooden sheds have a high longevity rate, they are the most costly to build and maintain. Wood sheds can be built-in a variety of styles that allow them to blend perfect with your landscaping, garden and maintain a balance with the overall look of your home. It’s important to remember, wood requires regular maintenance and care to remain strong. If your location is in a humid or wet climate, there are different care instructions than locations that are in overly dry or sandy climates.

Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are the most common throughout the country thanks to their lower cost and durability. Most metal sheds are equipped with a form of enamel paint that is applied and pre-baked onto the surface. Metal sheds that are sold in kits from local hardware stores are easy to assemble, even for the most novice of do-it-yourself hobbyist. Larger metal sheds can be built from scratch, or contracted through a professional service. Regardless of how the metal shed is built, the material used for metal outdoors sheds are specially treated to ensure the structure doesn’t fall victim to termites or rust. The paint on the metal is also baked into the surface which will allow your metal shed to keeps attractive look for many years.

Vinyl Sheds

Vinyl sheds are a popular choice among home owners that don’t care for either wood or metal structures. The most popular producer of vinyl sheds is Duramax. The sheds that are crafted from vinyl are very light in weight which makes putting them together easier than with other materials. The material is highly durable and almost dent resistant which makes it a great choice for locations that have children, pets, or other common causes of damage. Most sheds made of vinyl come already assembled, so if you are not the do it yourself type, or don’t want to splurge on having a custom shed built, this makes a great alternative.

Fabric Sheds

You probably wouldn’t expect a shed made of fabric, but there is in fact many uses for such items. These are typically indoor or temporary structures that allow you the flexibility of matching your surroundings, being machine washable, and most of all affordably mobile. You most often see these type of sheds at large events, weddings, or other party type venues where temporary storage is required.